About Mpowernu

Our Approach


Our service includes a complimentary consultation to help identify your needs. We offer, and conduct, interactive workshops and seminars relating to character development, career skills, and education support. Our target audience includes students (middle school to college), young adults, parents, girls' groups, and women's groups. 



Through our extensive experience and an open-minded approach, MPOWERNU will provide high quality support, consultation, and follow-through for any motivational event, workshop, or service you need. Together we’ll create and refine a plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 

Our Founder

Karen P. Jewette, Ed.D


I've been an educator for 33 years in the public school system. I have taught at the community college level for 4 years with experience in Student Development and Teaching as a Profession courses. I also have experience as a Community Development coordinator and Workshop/Seminar Facilitator. My goal is to ensure every client feels empowered to be successful and pass on their newfound knowledge to others.